Are you a founder/CEO or leading a product team in a successful tech startup? Does it happen often that your product constantly runs into a bunch of issues & bugs which the sales, marketing & other functional teams always complain about?

Wouldn't it be great if

  • You catch the bug in your product well before your stakeholders point out?
  • The entire regression testing process is automated?
  • Or even better - all your critical use cases are automatically tested daily and a firsthand report is created & shared with you on what is working and what isn’t?

That’s exactly what we do at Test Ninjas. We are a bunch of quality Nerds, who can help you and your team stay ahead of the bugs in the product and offer clear visibility on which parts of your product work and which don’t. We do that through a combination of a platform + services where we will work with your team, identify the key use cases to be tested, and automate them.

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Automation Framework

We have homegrown frameworks to get us going and to help you get started on your automation journey in a jiffy


Mobile & Web

We automate end-to-end testing for both web and native mobile applications


Mailers & notifications

Our platform sends out timely alerts and notifications on email, Whatsapp, and other channels to keep you informed on any critical issues



We provide clear and detailed reports with information on what percentage of your user flows are working and where the problems lie



Our project lead sits with your tech/product team to understand the product, the business model & the key use cases

Team formation

We put together the right team for the automation with the right mix of experience and skills

Test strategy

The leads come up with the right test strategy for the automation

CI automation

In case your CI pipeline is not already automated, we help you automate it

Test automation

We build the test cases & get you started on your automation journey


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Praveen MV
Giridharan N


What is regression testing?

Regression testing is a type of application testing that verifies that the application continues to work as intended after any code revisions, updates, or optimizations. As the application continues to evolve by adding new features, the team must perform regression testing to evaluate that the existing features work as expected and that there are no bugs introduced with the new feature(s).

We generally create a test team who works with your product/tech team to understand the key p0,p1 use cases that are critical for your business continuity & automate the Regression testing of these use cases. We would set it up in such a way that these critical cases are tested whenever a new release happens and every day morning & send a clear update to you on email and whatsapp(depending on severity)

The team that we create for you is on a monthly retainer & is available as long as per your requirements.

In the world of lean startups, maximum effort and emphasis is laid on new features and in the speed of development - all in the pursuit of product market fit. But this results in a very complex product where different features are intertwined in such a way that any changes in one part of the product could break some other part of the product, that was possibly completely unexpected. Regression testing catches these issues before the release happens to the product & helps you manage your new releases smoothly.

You would need this if

  • Your team is spending more time fixing bugs than working on new functionalities.
  • Production rollbacks happen frequently - meaning, there are a bunch of times when a release breaks some other part of the product that you have to revert it.
  • There are frequent business disruptions where the production server has bugs that were not caught in manual testing.
  • The product/tech team are always in massive pressure during new feature releases.
  • The product/tech team are fielding desperate and angry calls from other stakeholders(sales, marketing, business) due to issues in production all the time.

Right now, we only automate regression testing. If you would like to know more, pls do reach out to us at hello@thetestninjas.com

On case-to-case basis, for our automation clients, we do help in Manual testing, but we do not do that as a service separately.

It would really depend on the overall complexity of the project & the number of functionalities that are there in the product. But typically, a team of 3 engineers should be able to automate the p0 use cases in 6 - 8 weeks.

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